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Our Family Center, Casa Speranţei (House of Hope), offers a home to five children who were abandoned as infants and grew up together in the state orphanage.  Before coming to our center, these children spent many years in the orphanage because their difficult family situations gave them little or no chance of placement. They were desperately in need of a home.

Thanks to many generous donations, we were able to offer them one.  In October 2003 we opened a “family center” in an apartment and carefully selected foster parents to live with and care for the children.  In this way, we were able to remove the children from the institution and offer them a family and a chance at a normal life. Currently, our family center is maintained by monthly donations from sponsors and supporters.


  • Become a monthly supporter or sponsor or give a one-time donation. We are need of more supporters for our center!
  • Make a donation towards the purchase of a house for our family center. We are currently renting an apartment for the family center; in order to give our family center a more permanent location, we are currently applying for grants and would welcome any donations to help us reach our goal.
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